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Number 2 ~ Summer 2003


Of Embryos and Empire

Eric Cohen on what the embryo debate can teach us about American civilization

The Nanotechnology Revolution

Adam Keiper on the science and politics of manipulating the very small

The New Face of War

David Skinner on whether new technologies make war more tolerable and more just

War and Techne

Gilbert Meilaender on the timeless truths of war

Why Conservatives Care About Biotechnology

Adam Wolfson on conservatives, biotechnology, and the American project

Human Nature is Here to Stay

Larry Arnhart on why biotechnology will not change our bodies, brains, and desires

Eugenics—Sacred and Profane

Christine Rosen on Orthodox matchmakers, IVF clinics, and genetic testing

State of the Art

Mercy and Drugs in Africa

Inside the Bush Administration’s New AIDS Policy

My Mother, the Embryo

IVF's Latest: She-Males, Fetal Eggs, and Children of the Unborn

Year of the Red Planet

An International Wave of Interplanetary Exploration


Moral Silliness from Some Spokesmen of Science


Bioethics and the Unbearable Whiteness of Being

Porn, Privacy, and Kids

Congressional Attempts to Make the Internet Child-Friendly

Carried Away with Convergence

The Merging of Nanotech, Biotech, Infotech, and Brain Sciences

Boys Will Be Boys

The Science of the Y Chromosome


Stepping Up the Fight Against Music Piracy

Stopping Spam

As the Spam Problem Worsens, Congress Seeks a Remedy

Technology: The Great Enabler?

How Jayson Blair Conned the New York Times

‘Something History Will Not Forgive’

Excerpts from Tony Blair’s Speech to Congress, July 18, 2003

Notes & Briefs

Cloned Mules, Forgetful Mice, Camera Phones, etc.

Looking Ahead

Learning from Columbia

Looking Back

Reflections on the Tiniest Things