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Number 20 ~ Spring 2008


In Defense of Biofuels

Robert Zubrin on ethanol and its critics

Health Care 2008: A Political Primer

James C. Capretta on how and why McCain's health care plan might work

Public Opinion and the Embryo Debates

Yuval Levin analyzes a revealing new poll on bioethics

Technology and Authenticity

Bruno Macaes on enhancement, action, and truth

Biotech Enhancement and Natural Law

Ryan T. Anderson and Christopher Tollefsen on distinctions in an age of novelty

The Myth of Multitasking

Christine Rosen on doing too much at once

The Technology of Memory

James Poulos on forgetting how to remember

Montesquieu and the Motives for Science

The Motives That Ought to Encourage Us to the Sciences

A discourse by Montesquieu translated for the first time into English by Diana Schaub

Montesquieu’s Popular Science

Diana Schaub on the study of science and the life of the mind

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Einstein’s Quest for Truth

Algis Valiunas on the mind of the man behind relativity

At Home with Down Syndrome

Caitrin Nicol reads memoirs of gratitude

Looking Ahead

An Olympic Fiasco

Looking Back

A Debate Still Patently Alive