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Number 21 ~ Summer 2008


Nuclear Policy and the Presidential Election

Henry Sokolski on nuclear matters and why they matter

Conservatives, Climate Change, and the Carbon Tax

Jim Manzi on the cost of thinking impractically about potential risk

Donated Generation

Cheryl Miller on releasing the identities of egg and sperm donors

Rethinking Public Opinion

Thomas Fitzgerald on the problems of polling

Technology, Culture, and Virtue

Patrick J. Deneen on Wendell Berry's unnatured man

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Is Stupid Making Us Google?

James Bowman on the “Dumbest Generation”

We Are the Change We’ve Been Waiting For

Sebastian Waisman on the "Millennial Generation"

The World Made New

Rita Koganzon on Second Life and real life

The Brat Pack of Quantum Mechanics

John Derbsyhire on a pivotal year for modern physics

The Prudence of Neuroscience

Ivan Kenneally reviews The Heart of Judgment

State of the Art

An Animal to Save the World

Climate Change and the Polar Bear

Jonathan H. Adler

Taking the Earth’s Temperature

How the Methods Measure Up

Jordan R. Raney

Pipeline Diplomacy

Russian Gas and Putin’s Power

Adam Blinick

‘Leadership from the Bottom’

Wendell Berry on Rural Revival

Notes & Briefs

Chocolate DNA, Prozac for Puppies, ELIZA, etc.

Looking Ahead

Counting Correctly

Looking Back

The First Stitch