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Number 22 ~ Fall 2008


Petrodollar Science

Waleed Al-Shobakky on research and education in the Arab world

People of the Screen

Christine Rosen tells a tale of two literacies

Ten Years of “Death with Dignity”

Courtney S. Campbell on Oregon’s experience with physician-assisted suicide

Fixing American Health Care

Joseph V. Kennedy on cost, quality, and competition

Health Care with a Conscience

James C. Capretta on protecting Catholic hospitals

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Beyond Mankind

Charles T. Rubin on John Harris’s “sanshumanist” project

The Confused Congresswoman

Yuval Levin on Diana DeGette’s assault on reason

Green Bridge to Nowhere

Jonathan H. Adler on Gus Speth’s unsustainable environmentalism

State of the Art

Capturing Carbon

The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change

Jordan R. Raney

Staying Afloat

Treading Water in a Sea of Data

Peter Suderman

‘Categories of Warfare Are Blurring’

Robert Gates on the Tactics and Tools of Tomorrow’s Battles

Notes & Briefs

Eco-Vandalism, Noise Laws, the Billion-Dollar Click, etc.

Looking Ahead

The Future of Cell Biology

Looking Back

The Model T and American Life