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Number 23 ~ Winter 2009


Debating “Death with Dignity”; Obsolete Librarians


Science and the Obama Administration


The Ethics of Counterinsurgency

Keith Pavlischek on irregular warfare and international law

Military Robots and the Laws of War

P. W. Singer on how unmanned systems are transforming armed conflict

Why Minds Are Not Like Computers

Ari N. Schulman on fundamental confusion about artificial intelligence

Reality and the Postmodern Wink

James Bowman champions curmudgeonliness as an antidote to cynicism

Nations, Liberalism, and Science

Peter Augustine Lawler on civil theology and civil biology

Socialism and Cancer

David Gratzer on how government ruins medicine

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Great Breath of Hell

Algis Valiunas on the modern way of madness

Making Men Modern

Wayne Ambler on reform and recalcitrance in Twain’s Connecticut Yankee

Looking Ahead

Dilly-Dallying on Iran

Looking Back

The Inventor President