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Number 24 ~ Spring 2009


AIDS Relief and Moral Myopia

Travis Kavulla on African culture and the public health community

Embryos in Limbo

Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill on IVF and indecision about nascent life

What and When Is Death?

Alan Rubenstein on knowing human living to define human dying

Technocracy and Populism

Ivan Kenneally on President Obama and putting politics behind us

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Is Water a Human Right?

Kendra Okonski on market solutions to the world’s “water crisis”

In Search of Chinese Science

John Derbyshire on Joseph Needham, sinologist and scientist

The Virtual Public Square

Alan Jacobs reviews Richard John Neuhaus’s final book

The True Face of Digital Democracy

Sebastian Waisman on the Internet and civic engagement

State of the Art

The Road to Rationing

How ‘Medicare Plus’ Will Destroy Private Insurance

Paul Howard and David Gratzer

Keeping Books Safe

A Bad Law Threatens Our Past

Elizabeth Mullaney Nicol

The Rise of Cyber-Schools

Online Education and Its Enemies

Liam Julian

Disability Politics

Liberals, Conservatives, and the Disability-Rights Movement

Ari Ne’eman

At the Gates of a Magical Garden

Digital Technologies and the Jumbling of Time

G. Anthony Gorry

Down in Flames

Media ‘Space Experts’ Flub the Shoot-Down Story

James E. Oberg

Looking Ahead

The Stakes in the Health Care Fight

Looking Back

Fifty Years of “Two Cultures”