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Number 25 ~ Summer 2009


A Space Program for the Rest of Us

Rand Simberg on the wrong lessons of Apollo and the right way to reach space

The Lost Prestige of Nuclear Physics

N. J. Slabbert on the American retreat from nuclear technology

Science and Medicine in Fiction

The Ambiguous Utopia of Iain M. Banks

Alan Jacobs on the “Culture” novels and the price of bliss

Plato in Space

Charles T. Rubin on science, politics, and faith in Neal Stephenson’s Anathem

Unchosen Lives

Caitrin Nicol on Jodi Picoult’s tales at the threshold

Creating Frankenstein

Jeremy Kessler on Victor’s monster and the Shelleys’ story

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Fusion Illusion

Max Schulz on false starts, fraud, and the real promise of nuclear fusion

Too Hot to Handle

Jordan R. Raney throws cold water on climate extremists

Medicine and Moral Authority

Daniel P. Sulmasy reviews Jonathan Imber’s Trusting Doctors

State of the Art

Fighting Fake Drugs

Solving Africa’s Counterfeiting Problem

Roger Bate

Test Ban Treaty, Take Two

Banning Tests Won’t Stop Nuclear Weapons Development

Christopher A. Ford

Romancing the Atom

Uranium Prospecting, Once and Again

Robert R. Johnson

China’s Organ Market

A Tale of Prisoners, Tourists, and Lies

S. Elizabeth Forsythe

Nutrition and Tradition

The Science of Food and the Culture of Cooking

John Schwenkler

Looking Ahead

Get Moving on Yucca

Looking Back

Our Petroleum Prosperity