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Number 26 ~ Fall 2009 - Winter 2010


The Future of Chemical Weapons

Jonathan B. Tucker on a neglected threat and what to do about it

The Financial Crisis and the Scientific Mindset

Paul J. Cella III on shadow banking and the returns of rationalism

On Bioethics in Public

Gilbert Meilaender reflects on the method and legacy of the President’s Council on Bioethics

Science, the Humanities, and the University

Science and the Decline of the Liberal Arts

Patrick J. Deneen

The Technocratic American University

Ivan Kenneally

Human Dignity and Higher Education

Peter Augustine Lawler

The Soul of the Scientist of Man

Shilo Brooks

The Ivy League Lament

Rita Koganzon

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Darwin’s World of Pain and Wonder

Algis Valiunas on the great scientist’s spiritual torment

Cheap Thrills

Noemie Emery defends the American consumer

The Formation of Character

David Skinner on how we write and who we are

Why We Walk

Jennifer Graf Groneberg on the origins of man and the end of walking


Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Spirit of Science

The Editors kick off a series on scientific progress and the American literary genius

Wasting the Water of Life

Kevin Laskowski on “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” and the allure of immortality

Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment

Online only: A new critical edition of Hawthorne’s story

Looking Ahead

Bioethics: Left, Right, and Wrong

Looking Back

The Bhopal Injustice