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Number 27 ~ Spring 2010


Why Not Nuclear Disarmament?

Christopher A. Ford on the questions that disarmament advocates must answer

Proportionality in Warfare

Keith Pavlischek on the abuse of an important just war principle

The Tortured Logic of Obama’s Drone War

Hillel Ofek on the strategic, legal, and moral implications of targeted killing

The Most Useful Man Who Ever Lived

William Rosen on making heroes of inventors

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Scientists Fallen Among Poets

Algis Valiunas on what the Romantics learned from scientists, and vice versa

One Man’s Quantum Culture

Jeremy Axelrod reviews a memoir of strange science and swanky society

Avatar and the Flight from Reality

James Bowman on the sci-fi blockbuster and the mimetic tradition in art

From Cursive to Cursor

Alan Jacobs on whether it matters how we write

Bad Advice for Scientists

Ari N. Schulman reviews Unscientific America

Hawthorne Series

Artful by Nature

Charles T. Rubin reads “The New Adam and Eve

The New Adam and Eve

Online only: A new critical edition of Hawthorne’s story

State of the Art

A Regrettable Reform

Fixing Obamacare’s Worst Policies

David Gratzer

Going Nowhere

Why President Obama Must Give NASA a Destination

Robert Zubrin

Claude Lévi-Strauss, RIP

Searcher After the Savage Mind — and Ours

Travis Kavulla

Missing the Big Picture

Studies of TV’s Effects Should Consider How HDTV Is Different

Jeff Robbins

The Case for Boredom

Stimulation, Civility, and Modern Boyhood

Adam J. Cox

Avatars in the Workplace

How Businesses Are Adapting to the Virtual World

G. Anthony Gorry

‘The Unique Worth of an Individual Human Life’

Leon R. Kass on Conversing with and Learning from Paul Ramsey

Looking Ahead

The Future of Health Care

Looking Back

Part of Our Complete Breakfast