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Number 29 ~ Fall 2010


What Neuroscience Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves

Raymond Tallis debunks the tropes of “neuromythology”

The Unbearable Wholeness of Beings

Steve Talbott confronts the language of organism-as-machine

The Trouble with Cyber Arms Control

Christopher A. Ford on why we should be wary of Russian and Chinese proposals

Humanism and Transhumanism

Fred Baumann on the utopian impulse and the ends of man

The New U.S. Space Policy

NASA’s Course Correction

Jeff Foust

Opening Space with a ‘Transorbital Railroad’

Robert Zubrin

In Search of a Conservative Space Policy

Rand Simberg

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Climate of Climate Change

John Murdock examines four books on why we fight about global warming

Out of the Garden, Into the Laboratory

Jeremy Kessler on science as an answer to Original Sin

What Scientists Believe

Peter Lopatin on negotiating reason and revelation

History as Wall Art

Alan Jacobs reviews Cartographies of Time

State of the Art

Heading Off the Next Pandemic

Lessons from the Swine and Avian Flu Outbreaks

Tevi Troy

The Untapped Potential of the NPT

Why We Must Reinterpret the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Henry Sokolski

Slacking as Self-Discovery

The Rebranding of Indolence as ‘Emerging Adulthood’

Rita Koganzon

An American Education

Democracy and the Birth of the Land-Grant College

Daniel Eugene Williams

The Digital Law Practice

How Technology Has Transformed the Legal Profession

Sam A. Mackie