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Number 3 ~ Fall 2003


A New Vision for NASA

Adam Keiper on the trouble with NASA and the moral case for space exploration

Bioethics in Wartime

Eric Cohen on biology and the good life—in peace and in war

A Conversation with Nature

Steve Talbott on understanding our relationship with the natural world

From Biology to Biography

William Hurlbut on evolution and the ascent of the human person

Why Not Artificial Wombs?

Christine Rosen on the meaning of being born, not incubated

Does Digital Politics Still Matter?

Robert Atkinson and Shane Ham on the battles over information technology

The Politics of the WHO

Steven Menashi on the follies of the World Health Organization

State of the Art

’Tis the Season?

Women off the Cycle, Men on the Pill

Caught in the Act

Tracking Cheating Hearts in the Cyber-Age

Bank on It

Britain Constructs a Universal Genetic Database

Out of Their Right Mind

Conservatism is Crazy, but Psychiatry is Here to Help

Edward Teller, RIP

The Controversial Life of the Father of the H-Bomb

Neil Postman, RIP

Culture, Technology, and the Modern Soul

The Science Journal Crisis

Disappearing Articles, Skyrocketing Costs, and Open Access

Paper and Pixel

The Web Takes Note of Books, Reference Books Discover the Web

Was Blind, But Now I See

Stem Cells, Genetics, and Bionics in the Quest for Sight

The Future of Satellites

New Problems and New Players in the Satellite Game

‘We’re the Dreamers’

Senators Hear Opposing Views on Piracy from Two Rappers

Notes & Briefs

Spammer Justice, Cloned Food, Solar Flares, etc.

Looking Ahead

China Takes Off

Looking Back

The Wright Stuff