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Number 31 ~ Spring 2011

Place and Placelessness in America

Place and Placelessness in America

GPS and the End of the Road

Ari N. Schulman on the transformation of travel and discovery

The Particularities of Place

Wilfred M. McClay

The New Meaning of Mobility

Christine Rosen

Place-Conscious Transportation Policy

Gary Toth

The Rise of Localist Politics

Brian Brown

Frog: A Tale of Home

Justin Race


Could Terrorists Exploit Synthetic Biology?

Jonathan B. Tucker on the potential risks of “de-skilling” bioengineering

Transitional Humanity

Gilbert Meilaender on the longing to defeat mortality and transcend embodiment

Psychology’s Magician

Algis Valiunas on the life and career of Carl Jung, mystic scientist of the mind

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Why Bother with Marshall McLuhan?

Alan Jacobs on the man, the medium, and his message

The Challenge of Regulating Objectively

Jonathan H. Adler on cost-benefit analysis and the precautionary principle

Philosophy Is Here to Stay

Benjamin Storey takes on David Brooks’s social scientism

The Unmanning of America

Rita Koganzon on the rise of women and the fall of men