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Number 32 ~ Summer 2011

Science, Virtue, and the Future of Humanity

Why We Need a ‘Stuck with Virtue’ Science

Peter A. Lawler and Marc D. Guerra on why in-between beings will always need virtue

The Case for Enhancing People

Ronald Bailey on why we should and will choose to make ourselves better

Liberation Biology, Lost in the Cosmos

Benjamin Storey responds to Ronald Bailey

Machine Morality and Human Responsibility

Charles T. Rubin on the paradoxes of the project to program virtue

The Problem with ‘Friendly’ Artificial Intelligence

Adam Keiper and Ari N. Schulman respond to Charles T. Rubin

The Science of Politics and the Conquest of Nature

Patrick J. Deneen on liberalism, Locke, and Darwin

Justice without Foundations

Robert P. Kraynak on morality in an age of scientific skepticism

State of the Art

Subject to Review

Obama Admin Proposes New Regs for Human Subjects Research

Tevi Troy

Doctors Go Digital

How Information Technology Is Changing American Health Care

Jeffrey C. Rowe

Unleashing the Nuclear Watchdog

Reforming the IAEA’s Safeguarding Operations

Henry Sokolski

The Folly of Internet Freedom

The Mistake of Talking About the Internet as a Human Right

Eric R. Sterner

The World’s Most Popular Gun

The Long Road to the AK-47

Victor Davis Hanson

Global Warming and Federalism

State and Local Governments Overreach in Regulating Carbon

David A. Murray

Health Food and the Double Helix

The Promise of Nutrigenomics

Whitney K. Franz

‘No Shortage of Gore’

Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito on the Constitution, Free Speech, and Technology

Notes & Briefs

Panhandling Robots, Shifting Fat, Facebook Depression, Etc.