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Number 33 ~ Fall 2011


The Global War Against Baby Girls

Nicholas Eberstadt on the mounting casualties of sex-selective abortion

Christianity and the Future of the Book

Alan Jacobs on scrolls, screens, and how technologies of reading shape theology

Evolution and the Illusion of Randomness

Stephen L. Talbott on survival, fitness, and the purposiveness of organisms

What Consciousness Is Not

Raymond Tallis unwinds the work of David Chalmers, philosopher of mind

Abraham Maslow and the All-American Self

Algis Valiunas on why the prophet of self-actualization was more than just a New Age icon

Hawthorne Series

A Far Other Butterfly

Wilfred M. McClay on “The Artist of the Beautiful” and the meeting of the spiritual and material realms

The Artist of the Beautiful

Online only: A new critical edition of Hawthorne’s story