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Number 36 ~ Summer 2012


The Sources and Uses of U.S. Science Funding

Joseph V. Kennedy on how the public and private sectors pay for R&D

Putting Health in Perspective

Yuval Levin on how prioritizing health shapes our politics

How Not to Label Biotech Foods

Jonathan H. Adler on mandates, markets, and the “right to know”

The Architecture of Evil

Roger Forsgren on the lessons of Albert Speer, master architect of the Third Reich

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Physicists at Fifty

Samuel Matlack reconsiders the classic play about science, civilization, and insanity

The Dark and Starry Eyes of Ray Bradbury

Lauren Weiner on the wonderful weirdness of the late author

The Blessing of Children

Gilbert Meilaender on the curious case for extinction in Why Have Children?

Mental Disorder or Neurodiversity?

Aaron Rothstein reviews books on embracing, not fixing, mental differences

Interventionist Conservation

Travis Kavulla on the myth of pristine wilderness and the need to manage nature