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Number 38 ~ Winter/Spring 2013


The Record of Our “Scientist-in-Chief”

Regarding Animals

Regarding Animals

Do Elephants Have Souls?

Caitrin Nicol on the evidence for non-human intelligence, awareness, and emotion

Born to Run

Noemie Emery considers the good, the bad, and the ugly of horseracing

Dog’s Best Friend

Diana Schaub on disciplining pets and mastering ourselves


St. Francis, Christian Love, and the Biotechnological Future

William B. Hurlbut reflects on hubris and humility, suffering and redemption

Character Formation and the Origins of AA

Lewis M. Andrews on the forgotten legacy of early American college presidents

The Evolution of Human Nature

Swords into Syllogisms

Randal R. Hendrickson on Steven Pinker and reason’s progress against violence

Portrait of the Artist as a Caveman

Micah Mattix on just-so storytelling and the “art instinct”

The Evolutionary Ethics of E. O. Wilson

Whitley Kaufman on the moral paradoxes of sociobiology

Moderately Socially Conservative Darwinians

Peter Augustine Lawler on the surprisingly traditional values of evolutionary psychologists

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Criminal Elements

James Bowman on Breaking Bad and breaking with the Enlightenment

The Imperfectionist

Christine Rosen on Evgeny Morozov’s case against digital salvation

Experiments in Democracy

Jeremy Rozansky reviews Jim Manzi’s new book on data-driven public policy

Jurassic Generation

Ari N. Schulman on the unintended consequences of the twenty-year-old dinosaur movie