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Number 4 ~ Winter 2004

Biotechnology and the Good Life

Science and Self-Government

Wilfred M. McClay on science and self-government

A More Child-Like Science

Steve Talbott on “better children” 

Man or Machine?

Charles T. Rubin on “superior performance” 

Methuselah and Us

Diana Schaub on “ageless bodies”

Restless Souls

Peter A. Lawler on “happy souls” 


Romance in the Information Age

Christine Rosen on how technology is changing courtship

Imagining the Future

Yuval Levin on innovations, generations, and the biotechnology debates

The Kyoto Protocol: A Post-Mortem

S. Fred Singer on the politics of global climate change

The Scientist and the Poet

Paul A. Cantor on the surprising wrinkles in an age-old rivalry

The Spirit of Discovery

The Right Plan

Adam Keiper on the plan and its critics

The Virtual Astronaut

Robert Park on the virtual astronaut

The Human Explorer

Robert Zubrin on the human explorer 

State of the Art

The Age of Cloning

Breakthrough in South Korea, Stalemate in the Senate

Do Embryos Vote?

Stem Cell Politics in an Election Year

The Nanotech Schism

High-Tech Pants or Molecular Revolution?

Online Democracy

Why the Era of E-Voting Will Have to Wait

Life is Just a Game

The Rise of Video Games in American Culture

The Ideological Environmentalist

Challenging the Orthodoxy of “Green” Science

Click Twice and Call Me in the Morning

Challenging the Orthodoxy of “Green” Science

History Repeating?

The Peculiar Comeback of Eugenics

Gatekeepers of Science

Peer Review Controversies at Home and Abroad

Power-Hungry China

The International Consequences of China’s Quest for Energy

‘The Seams that Hold Us Back’

Bill Gates on Hardware, Software, and the Next Step in Computing

Notes & Briefs

Face Transplants, Text-Message Weddings, Aerogel, etc.

Looking Ahead

Reviewing American Intelligence

Looking Back

John Deere and America’s Character