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Number 40 ~ Fall 2013


Me, My Genome, and 23andMe

Austin L. Hughes on the oversold and underwhelming science of personal genomics

Why and How We Should Break OPEC Now

Robert Zubrin explains what the U.S. energy boom means for the oil cartel, and argues that we should kick them while we’re up

Scientism in the Arts and Humanities

Roger Scruton on why art is more than matter and meme

Tocqueville on Technology

Benjamin Storey responds to critics who say the student of democracy ignores technology

Brave New World, Plato’s Republic, and Our Scientific Regime

Matthew J. Franck compares the utopian visions of Huxley and Plato 

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Hollowness of Radical Bioethics

John Sexton on why leftist bioethics needs philosophical anthropology

When Finance Met Physics

R. McKay Stangler on why stock trading isn’t rocket science