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Number 41 ~ Winter 2014


Fantasy and the Buffered Self

Alan Jacobs on how the genre offers re-enchantment without risk

Toward a Conservative Policy on Climate Change

Lee Lane on clashing worldviews, green politics, and a path forward

Gambling with Global Warming

Lowell Pritchard on risk and uncertainty in environmental economics

The Sacred Power of the World

Stephen D. Blackmer on his improbable journey from eco-activism to the priesthood

Understanding Heidegger on Technology

Mark Blitz on what we can learn from the controversial German philosopher

The Genius and Faith of Faraday and Maxwell

Ian H. Hutchinson on how religion influenced the work of the two great nineteenth-century electricians

Who Needs a Liberal Education?

Gilbert Meilaender on specialization, job training, and the humanities

Machine Grading and Moral Learning

Joshua Schulz on the misguided appeal of automated grading and the rise of factory education

When Technology Ceases to Amaze

Robert Herritt on the banality of high-tech magic