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Number 42 ~ Spring 2014

The Great War at 100

The Invention of the War Machine

M. Anthony Mills and Mark P. Mills on how the war shaped science, technology, and military-industrial research

The Forgotten Honor of World War I

James Bowman responds to progressive historians who consider the war a mistake that could have been avoided


My Brain and I

Roger Scruton offers an alternative to the grand ambition of the neurophilosophers

The Optimistic Science of Leibniz

Marc E. Bobro on the Enlightenment thinker’s encyclopedic project of physics and faith

A Feeling for Pain

Ronald W. Dworkin on the trouble with scientific explanations in anesthesiology

Evolution and Ethics, Revisited

Gertrude Himmelfarb considers T. H. Huxley’s rebuttal of an early form of scientism

Liberty and the Environment

Ronald Bailey on whether modern societies and free economies are antithetical to the flourishing of the natural world

Remembering Thomas P. Hughes

G. Pascal Zachary on the influential historian of technology and society