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Number 43 ~ Summer/Fall 2014


Elephants, Horses, Dogs, and Us; The Question Concerning Heidegger


Losing Liberty in an Age of Access

James Poulos on the implications of the cultural shift away from ownership

Correlation, Causation, and Confusion

Nick Barrowman on some misconceptions about statistics in science and everyday life

Confronting the Technological Society

Samuel Matlack revisits Jacques Ellul’s classic analysis of technique

Modernity and Our American Heresies

Peter Augustine Lawler explains how our Puritan and Lockean founders built better than they knew

The Neuroscience of Despair

Michael W. Begun on the trouble with seeing depression solely as a brain malfunction

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Regarding Life at the Beginning

Gilbert Meilaender on a perceptive new book about abortion and our encounter with the unborn

The Tools of Their Tools

Evan Selinger and Jathan Sadowski review Nicholas Carr’s book on automation

In Defense of Prejudice, Sort of

Ari N. Schulman on Enlightenment overreach and today’s new rationalists