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Number 47 ~ Fall 2015


Oil and World Power

Lee Lane on what the oil and gas boom means for America’s geopolitical standing

Miss Marple and the Problem of Modern Identity

Alan Jacobs on being known by one’s neighbors versus being known by the state

Symposium: Pope Francis on the Environment

The Flawed Economics of Laudato Sií

W. David Montgomery on why the encyclical’s moral teaching requires better policy

Is Pope Francis Anti-Modern?

M. Anthony Mills on the encyclical’s critique of “the technocratic paradigm”

Two Approaches to Climate Action

Brendan P. Foht contrasts the encyclical with the recent Ecomodernist Manifesto

Special Section: Human Uniqueness in the Cosmos

Searching for Other Earths

Sara Seager on how — and why — we look for exoplanets

Meaning in a Silent Universe

Marcelo Gleiser on overcoming our sense of cosmic angst

The Fine-Tuning of Natureís Laws

Luke A. Barnes on what physics tells us about the improbability of life


The Humble Scientist

Chase W. Nelson on the character and career of his late teacher, Austin L. Hughes

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Attention Deficit

Diana Schaub reviews Matthew B. Crawford’s book about an increasingly limited resource

A Reductionist History of Humankind

John Sexton reviews Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens

Einsteinís Masterpiece

Michael W. Begun retraces the path to general relativity on the theory’s 100th anniversary

The X-Files and the Demon-Haunted World

On why we want to believe

Ari N. Schulman