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Number 48 ~ Winter 2016


Gene Editing: New Technology, Old Moral Questions

Brendan P. Foht on using CRISPR to help patients and design our descendants

Attending to Technology

Alan Jacobs offers an aphoristic critique of social media, commentary, and our credulity before algorithms

The Myth of the Placebo Effect

Nick Barrowman on the shaky science underlying a popular idea

Biomedicine and Its Cultural Authority

Joseph E. Davis on the origins of our “health society” and why holistic medicine doesn’t catch on

Hard to Believe

Robert Herritt on how we know what we know, and what to do when experts disagree 

The Enduring Legacy of The Twilight Zone

Brian Murray on Rod Serling’s struggle to turn TV into an art form

Missing the Night Sky

Jacob Hoerger on light pollution, enlightenment, and our sense of finitude