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Number 5 ~ Spring 2004


Energy Dreams and Energy Realities

Stephanie Cohen on liberals, conservatives, and the energy debate

The Democratization of Beauty

Christine Rosen on cosmetic surgery and American culture

The Dilemmas of German Bioethics

Eric Brown on the taboos of the Nazi past and the future of human dignity

The Legacy of Nazi Medicine

Naomi Schaefer on a powerful new exhibit at the U.S. Holocaust Museum

Technology and the Constitution

O. Carter Snead on how new technologies affect judicial interpretation

Nuclear 1914: The Next Big Worry

Henry Sokolski on the problem of nuclear proliferation in the age of terrorism

Getting Serious About IVF

Adam Wolfson on the new report from the President’s Council on Bioethics

Memory and the Movies

James Bowman on remembering and forgetting through the eyes of Hollywood

State of the Art

Dot-Com Terrorism

How Radical Islam Uses the Internet to Fight the West

Campaigning for Stem Cells

Research Advocates Launch a New Offensive for Funding

Daniel J. Boorstin, RIP

Historian, Critic, and American Man of Books

Gaga Over Google

More than a Search Engine, Less than a Mind

Life from Scratch

Promise, Peril, and Pathogens: Breakthroughs in Synthetic Biology

Science Goes Hollywood

Selective Outrage over the Latest Movie Inaccuracies

Red Planet, Wet Planet

Developments in the Search for Life on Mars

Miles Still to Go

DARPA and the Great Robot Race

The Science of Human Potential

Public Dialogue about Behavioral Genetics

One of Us

The Anatomy of Acceptance

‘The Course We Must Maintain’

Vice President Cheney on Proliferation and Cooperation

Notes & Briefs

Stamping Out Spam, Euthanasia News, Books Online, etc.

Looking Ahead

The Return of the Space Debate

Looking Back

25 Years in the Sausage Factory