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Number 52 ~ Spring 2017


Growing Pains

Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria

Paul W. Hruz, Lawrence S. Mayer, and Paul R. McHugh

Making Technological Miracles

Mark P. Mills defends the value of curiosity-driven science and proposes a new way to think about R&D

The Decent of Man

Darwin Made Me Do It

Michael Ruse on how the process of evolution gave us moral instincts but the theory of evolution undermines moral reasoning

On the Origin of Cooperation

Kevin N. Laland on how culture and nature worked together so we can work together

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Pop Goes the Physics

David Kordahl on what’s left out of Sean Carroll’s The Big Picture

ADD for All

Joseph E. Davis on Big Pharma, overdiagnosis, and the questions unasked about medicalization

Whose Motivation? Which Good?

James K. A. Smith on Christian Smith’s strawman of social science

Toward a More Human Medicine

Aaron Rothstein on doctors, parts, and persons

Grit, Gus, and Glory

George Weigel on restoring the reputation of a test pilot, astronaut, and unsung American hero

On the Shelf

Short reviews of books on the opioid epidemic, the crisis of authority, Silicon Valley, the “new eugenics,” and more