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Number 53 ~ Summer/Fall 2017


Must Science Be Useful?

Scientists and policy experts respond to Daniel Sarewitz’s “Saving Science”


The Undeath of Cinema

Alexi Sargeant on digital acting from beyond the grave

Wokeness and Myth on Campus

Alan Jacobs on why “free exchange of ideas” fails as a response to campus protest

Quantum Poetics

Samuel Matlack on why physics can’t get rid of metaphor

The Evangelist of Molecular Biology

Algis Valiunas on James D. Watson and his unfinished quest to master genetic destiny

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Illusionist

David Bentley Hart on Daniel Dennett’s mindless materialism

Till Tomorrow

Adam Roberts on why farmers are the original time travelers

The Moral Case for High-Tech Weapons

Merav Ceren asks whether Israeli military innovation has made war more just