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Number 55 ~ Spring 2018


Adam J. White on whether growing calls to break up Google distract from a quiet alignment between “smart” government and the universal information engine

The Tech Backlash We Really Need

L. M. Sacasas on why Silicon Valley will only be strengthened by its present scandals unless we ask deeper questions

For the Love of Mars

James Poulos on why settling the Red Planet would lift us from our antihuman malaise

Richard Feynman and the Pleasure Principle

Algis Valiunas on how a cerebral hedonist became a scientific hero

Stories of Faith & Science

Faith and the Fear of Death

Jonathan Jong on confronting our mortality from the lab and the altar

Encounter in the Vale

Jonathan Mosedale recounts a story of hiking, frailty, and glimpsing the divine

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Did Thomas Kuhn Kill Truth?

David Kordahl reviews filmmaker Errol Morris’s new book on whether the philosopher of science threw an ashtray at his head

The Joy of Cryptozoology

Clare Coffey on the Jersey Devil and the psychology of conspiracy theories