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Number 56 ~ Summer/Fall 2018


Why Do We Think We Are Disenchanted?

The Space Renaissance

Moon Direct

Robert Zubrin offers a purpose-driven plan to open the lunar frontier

The Return of the Space Visionaries

Rand Simberg on how space tycoons are bringing back the dream of truly settling the “high frontier” — and how policy can catch up

Lost on Mars

Micah Meadowcroft on why space colonization will disappoint you


How Facebook Deforms Us

L. M. Sacasas on the too-savvy idea that strengthening our social fabric can fix the platform that’s destroying it

What Happened to Bioethics?

Yuval Levin on why biomedical research doesn’t roil national politics anymore — and the thin hope offered by the last time it did

Jonas Salk, the People’s Scientist

Algis Valiunas on how the man who vanquished polio won the public’s love but never the respect of his peers

Why Data Is Never Raw

Nick Barrowman on the seductive myth of information free of human judgment

Time to Log Off

Ian Marcus Corbin on being online and recognizing inhumane arrangements for what they are