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Number 59 ~ Summer 2019


The New Kinship Engineering

Brendan P. Foht on why three-parent babies are being created not to prevent disease but to manufacture genetic relationships

In Search of Lost Time on YouTube

Laurence Scott on how the platform takes us to places where we ache to go again

First, Take No Stand

Aaron Kheriaty shows how on assisted suicide, the medical profession ducks behind “neutrality”

Crusoe at the Crossroads

Kirsten A. Hall on Robinson Crusoe, Lost, and why we keep returning to mysterious islands where science blurs with the supernatural

Analog Anchors for the Online Adrift

Ian Marcus Corbin on how Moleskine sells durability to ephemeral selves

NASA’s Next 50 Years

Robert Zubrin argues that a half-century after Apollo, it’s time for a real, and different, mission for our space agency

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Tell Him Something Pretty

Robert Herritt on Deadwood's lowly view of reason

Einstein in Athens

Benjamin Liebeskind on how modern physics is unwittingly echoing Aristotle, and still has much to learn from him

All Activities Monitored

Jon Askonas on how military drone surveillance is quietly creeping into policing, business, and everyday life