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Number 6 ~ Summer 2004


The Human Face of Alzheimer’s

Colleen Carroll Campbell on the medical, ethical, and personal aspects of dementia

Stem Cells and the Reagan Legacy

Gilbert Meilaender on hubris and limits in the embryo research debate

Our Cell Phones, Ourselves

Christine Rosen on the consequences of ignoring the world around us

The Path Not Taken

Rand Simberg on the myths of the old space age and what comes next

Our Asterisked Heroes

Douglas Kern on human excellence in the age of performance-enhancing drugs

Film and TV in Anxious Times

Thomas S. Hibbs on fantasy film, reality TV, and American life after 9/11

Internet Pornography: An Exchange

The End of Obscenity

Jeffrey Rosen

The Pornography Culture

David B. Hart

State of the Art

The Assassin’s Mace

China’s Growing Military Might

The Stem Cell Race

John Kerry and the Democrats Search for an Issue

America at 10 M.P.H.

The Slow But Steady Rise of Segway

The Big Change

The End of Menopause and Its Meaning

It’s Getting Easier Being Green

Permaculture Goes Mainstream

Francis Crick, RIP

The Man, the Mind, and the Molecule

Doping for Seconds

The Shadow of Drugs on American Athletics

‘Higher Standards’

Eliot Spitzer on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Notes & Briefs

Nano News, Robot Nurses, Racing Sperm, etc.

Looking Ahead

The Virtual Stump

Looking Back

King James for Surgeon General