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Number 60 ~ Fall 2019


After Climate Despair

Matt Frost argues for energy abundance in a warming world

Reviving Expertise in a Populist Age

Zach Graves and M. Anthony Mills on why a Congress wary of technocracy defers to bureaucrats

Custodians of the Body

Alan Rubenstein on how our organ donation regime strikes the right balance between generosity to the living and respect for the dead

The Mars Decision

Robert Zubrin on how to show that American democracy can still do great things

Reviews and Reconsiderations

On the Monster Beat

Clare Coffey on why the civic needs the weird

Enlightenment Later

Kent Anhari on whether reason will survive rationalism

The Ancientsí Tech Anxiety

Charles T. Rubin on the shallowness of reading mythology as sci-fi

We All Wear Tinfoil Hats Now

Geoff Shullenberger on how fears of mind control went from paranoid delusion to conventional wisdom

Trouble for Hedgehogs

Michael M. Rosen asks whether generalists are due for a comeback