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Number 61 ~ Winter 2020


The Analog City and the Digital City

L. M. Sacasas on how online life breaks the old political order

The Science Before the War

M. Anthony Mills and Mark P. Mills on how the technological feats of World War II grew out of curiosity-driven research

Eat Me, Drink Me, Like Me

Tara Isabella Burton asks whether love in the attention economy is unreal

Turing and the Uncomputable

Algis Valiunas on logic come to life

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Must Growth Doom the Planet?

Ted Nordhaus argues that in an age of stagnation, calls to limit growth miss the real problems we face.

Do We Want Dystopia?

Stefan Beck on nightmare tech as the fulfillment of warped desire

The Mathematician and the Mystic

David Guaspari on Simone Weil, her brother André, and truths that do not converge

Why We Choose Surveillance Capitalism

Michael M. Rosen argues that Americans don’t care about privacy as much as they say

Inventing the Universe

David Kordahl asks whether quantum physicists are making things up as they go along