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Number 62 ~ Fall 2020


Editorís Note


In What Sense Abundant?

Patrick J. Deneen, Jeffrey Bilbro, and Rich Powell respond to Matt Frost


Democracy and the Nuclear Stalemate

Taylor Dotson and Michael Bouchey on moving beyond political scientism

The New Net Delusion

Geoff Shullenberger on how 2010’s utopians became 2020’s prophets of doom

Science as Scorekeeping

Brendan Foht on why American political leaders should be players, not spectators

Gratuitous Display

Laurence Scott on the American diner and the viral tip

How We Reason About Covid Tradeoffs

Ben Peterson on why we need to talk more about human dignity

Mending the Healers

Brewer Eberly on whether med school can still offer moral formation

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Saving Ourselves

Tara Isabella Burton on real love as rebellion in TV’s Brave New World

The End of History and the Fast Man

Adam J. White on bidding farewell to America’s car culture  — and its democratic virtues

Taking Carbon to Court

Jonathan H. Adler on why a legal victory was not a clear victory for the climate

Promoting the Useful Arts

Michael M. Rosen on why innovators need protection, not planning

Go West, Old Man

John Sexton asks whether we want decline