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Number 7 ~ Fall 2004 - Winter 2005


Science in the Public Square

The Bioethics Agenda and the Bush Second Term


Science and Congress

Adam Keiper on science advice and the legacy of the Office of Technology Assessment

The Age of Egocasting

Christine Rosen on TiVo, iPod, and technologies of fetish

Human Growth Hormone and the Measure of Man

Dov Fox on height enhancement and the new tyranny of the normal

The Embryo Question

Acorns and Embryos

Robert P. George and Patrick Lee on moral standing and bad metaphors

The Tragedy of Equality

Eric Cohen on the uses of reason, the absurdity of disease, and the quest for justice

Human Frailty and Human Dignity

Leon R. Kass

The Crisis of Everyday Life

Yuval Levin

In What Sense Equal?

Amy Laura Hall on the three meanings of human equality

State of the Art

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Tracking Technology Gets Personal

Black Box Ballyhoo

Voting Technology in the 2004 Election

Gray Matter in the Courtroom

Neuroscience as Legal Evidence

Debunking the Digital Classroom

Rethinking the Virtues of “Tech Literacy”

The Cloning Logjam

Treaty Talks Break Down at the United Nations

The Encyclopedia in Cyberspace

Wikipedia Makes Every Man an Editor

‘A Second Kind of Frontier’

The X Prize Triumph and the Future of Space Travel

Looking Ahead

Science and Tech Policy: What Next?

Looking Back

Politicizing Science, Sixties-Style