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Number 8 ~ Spring 2005


The Caregiving Society

Peter Augustine Lawler on caring for the old in an age of individualism

Getting Space Exploration Right

Robert Zubrin on making the Moon-Mars initiative work

Science Education and Liberal Education

Matthew B. Crawford on the trouble with today’s textbooks

Logic, DNA, and Poetry

Steve Talbott on how bad metaphors make for bad science

Daedalus and Icarus Revisited

Charles T. Rubin on science, the future, and the Haldane-Russell debate

Bioethics at the Movies

James Bowman on abortion, euthanasia, and Hollywood

State of the Art

The Embryo Wars

The U.N., Mitt Romney, and California Corruption

DNA Dragnets

The Uses and Abuses of Genetic Information

Blogs Gone Bad

The Darker Side of the Blogging Boom

Crimson Recriminations

Larry Summers vs. The Harvard Feminists

‘A Profound Loss as a Culture’

Debating Copyright in the Digital Age

Notes & Briefs

Space Tourism, Tsunami Hucksters, Artificial Friends, etc.

Looking Ahead

Assessing the Nanotech Revolution

Looking Back

Is Nuclear Energy Coming Back?