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Number 9 ~ Summer 2005


Playgrounds of the Self

Christine Rosen on video games and modern identity

The Real Meaning of Genetics

Eric Cohen on the false fears and genuine dilemmas of modern genetics

The Computerized Academy

Matthew B. Crawford on information technology and the life of the mind

Technology and the Spirit of Ownership

Paul J. Cella III on private property as a cure for the ills of the technology age

Science, Technology, and The Public Interest

Excerpts from forty years of “a middle-aged magazine for middle-aged readers”

John Paul II and the Ethics of the Body

The Anti-Theology of the Body

David B. Hart

Reading the Body

Robert W. Jenson

State of the Art

How We Measure Up

Is American Math and Science Education in Decline?

Shooting Not to Kill

America’s Development and Use of Non-Lethal Weapons

The New NASA

Mike Griffin Takes the Helm and Transforms the Agency

To Boldly Go

The End of Star Trek and Star Wars

Checking Terrorists at the Door

Small Hopes for The Real ID Act

‘An Unknowable Atom of Human Flesh’

Henry Hyde and Joe Barton on the Ethics of Stem Cell Research

Notes & Briefs

Russia’s Blackout, Los Alamos Woes, Paris Hilton, etc.

Looking Ahead

Picking Judges Online

Looking Back

Hiroshima and Nagasaki at Sixty